The Unjust Manager

April 30, 2023

The Unjust Manager

Sermon by Pastor Brent Snook / April 30, 2023

Series: The Short Stories of Jesus

Bible text: Luke 16:1-13


Luke 16:1-2

You and I are stewards of God’s affairs

  1. We are stewards of our time
  2. We are stewards of our talents (see 1 Peter 4:10)
  3. We are stewards of our truth (see 1 Corinthians 4:1)
  4. We are stewards of our treasure


Read Luke 16:3-8

“The fool is not the person who makes a mistake today.
The fool is the person who fails to prepare for tomorrow.”


Read Luke 16:9-13

Lessons to be Learned

Lesson #1: Money and its Friends

Luke 16:9, Matthew 6:20

Lesson #2: Money and its Faithfulness

Luke 16:10-12

3 things about Money:

  1. Money is a teacher
  2. Money is a thermometer
  3. Money is also a tempter

Lesson #3: Money and its Fidelity

Luke 16:13

You are either a steward of your money, or you are a slave to it.

There is no middle ground.



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