The Church on Mission: Growing Together

September 12, 2021 / Pastor Bob Johnson

The Church On Mission: Growing Together

Sermon by Pastor Bob Johnson / Sept 12, 2021

Text: Matthew 28:19-20

Topic: Discipleship

Theme: Disciples making disciples

Key Statement: The Church Mission is the Great Commission

Jesus summed up the mission of the church with the Great Commission. We can’t lose sight of this mission from God.

  1. Our Authority. Matthew 28:18
    1. Our authority comes from God.
      1. Complete authority (all power is given unto me)
      2. Absolute authority (in heaven and in earth)
    2. Our authority compels us to go.
      1. Purposed action (go)
      2. Personal reaction (ye therefore)

The Church Mission is the Great Commission

  1. Our Assignment. Matthew 28:19

Two major aspects of the Great Commission: Evangelism and Discipleship!

    1. Our assignment is to evangelize the lost.
      1. Salvation – (teach all nations)
      2. Baptism – (baptizing them)
    2. Our assignment is to disciple the saved.
      1. Alignment – (teaching them to observe all things)
      2. Transfer – (whatsoever I have commanded you)

The church mission statement is “To Know Christ and Make Him Known.”

To Know Christ = Discipleship

-Worship with Us and Grow with Us

To Make Him Known = Evangelism

-Serve with Us and Go with Us

Discipleship: Helping others become what you already are.

Discipleship path: Worship with us, grow with us, serve with us and go with us.

Listen: As a church family, we grow together, and we go together!

Greatest disciple maker was Jesus Christ – the incarnate God.

  1. Our Advocate. Matthew 28:20
    1. Our Advocate is faithful – I am with you always
      1. Power (I am)
      2. Presence (with you always)
    2. Our advocate is merciful – even unto the end of the world
      1. Fulfillment of God’s timeline (the end)
      2. Timelessness of God’s agenda (of the world)


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