Boaz: The Kinsman Redeemer

September 10, 2023

The Underrated: Boaz the Kinsman Redeemer

Sermon by Pastor Bob Johnson

Ruth 1-4



  1. Aquilla and Priscilla: The Servants of God
  2. Barnabas: The Encourager
  3. Boaz: The Kinsman Redeemer

Boaz – In him is strength

The Description of Boaz

Ruth 2

Kinsman of Naomi’s husband. (2:1)

Mighty man of wealth. (2:1)

Family of Elimelech. (2:1)

Principle: Your name is defined by your character.

The Invitation of Boaz

Glean in his field. (2:8-10)

Gleaning – stacks of grain left after the first cutting. Mosaic law commanded the left-behind stacks be left for the needy, especially widows, orphans, and strangers. (Lev 23, Deut 24)

Eat at his table. (2:14)

Glean during his harvest. (2:21, 23)

Principle: Your choices display your character.

The Determination of Boaz

Ruth 3

The proposal. (3:6-11)

The problem. (3:12-13)

The Pursuit. (3:14-4:1)

Principle: You can’t separate your integrity from your character.

The Redemption of Boaz

Ruth 4

Kinsman-Redeemer = a close relative could redeem:


Boaz’s request. (4:1-3)

Boaz’s respect. (4:4-5)

Boaz’s response. (4:9-10)

Principle: Your character determines your legacy.


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